• Feb 20, 2016
  • by Bink Neptune

I can't help returning to creating these headpieces, I have a Virgin Mary headdress obsession, it began years ago. They are kitsch and iconic, inspired by a discomfort with religion. I have no interest in religion as a guide through this life but there are certain icons like the Virgin Mary who's depictions create a push and pull inside me.

For many years the great patron of arts was the church, I am more interested in the wealth of creativity than the topic. The colour and inventiveness that has enriched our myth of the Madonna. She is the most painted woman in European art and becomes a contact point to a history of design that continues to motivate my creative process.

A Virgin Mary headdress is definitely not for everyone but I am drawn to this theme over and over like a moth to a flame. I got in touch with the wonderfully talented young photographer Shannon Swift who I knew would do my headwear justice. These were the photos she took, featuring Beckah Suicide, the Suicide Girl model.

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