• Aug 10, 2016
  • by Bink Neptune

After the success of my V&A, Marie Antoinette inspired workshop I was contacted by the Museum of London and asked to give another workshop, this time inspired by 17th Century fashion.
Trafford and I travelled down to London to see the collection of art and incredibly detailed handmade articles from the 17th Century. We arrived in this room beneath the Museum of London, with a table covered in boxes... with the most fabulous treasures inside them! 

Museum of London 17th Century courtesans fascinator workshopMuseum of London 17th Century fascinator workshop

These were some of the art prints, 17th ladies would wear masks to keep the sun off their skin completely, the mask looks so creepy i loved it! 

This was a little hand embroidered frog purse, it was very small and incredible considering they had no light so how they did this kind of detail is beyond me! Everything was so meticulously detailed, many hours and days must have been spent creating these items.


A few weeks later I created 3 samples for my fascinator workshops, what inspired me from being shown the art and items of clothing and accessories were the embroideries, lace, and beading. We only had 3 and a half hours to create and I wanted everyone to make whatever they wanted. So I bought a lot of thread and beads and this is what I made as examples but I am a firm believer in giving people the freedom to create what they feel in my workshops. Pearls & Swine is not about replication, you don't need to be experienced, just bring your imagination! I will bring everything else... 


Photos from the workshops, i gave 2 three and a half hour workshops. I spend time with everyone, watching and guiding and giving advice. I bring a HUGE amount of materials to my workshops because i want people to have fun and to go away happy and inspired. I love meeting everyone, i am get to "real life" meet people who i have known for years on Facebook which is amazing and magical for me! 

My next fascinator workshop is at the end of the month at the Museum of London and the theme for this one is Punk: Tickets