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by Pearls & Swine

"Barbarella" Gold Ring Jewellery Harness

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Limited edition gold neckpiece/body jewellery. The chain can be shorten to fit your body perfectly!
This is a statement necklace, wearable art... so sexy and chic!

*The mannequin is around a UK size 8... this design is adjustable, i added more chain to the back (after taking the photo) and it fits me, a size 20 with 38GG boobs! If you are smaller all you do is remove some of the chain links at the back! Super easy!
*You can wear this over underwear or close fitting clothing, you don't have to be naked to wear this! 😆

Approx Measurements:
Weight: 181g  

How to look after your Art Jewellery:
1. Do not spray with perfume.
2. Long term exposure to sunlight may bleach some of the colour out, do not leave in a very very hot unventilated place.