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Bespoke Millinery Commissions:
If you are wanting to enquire about a commissioning a bespoke hat for the races, bridal headpiece or unique fascinator to match your outfit please fill this in: *BESPOKE ORDER FORM* (not the contact form!)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to attach a fascinator?

2. Care Advice re. Glitter/Looking after your hat.

3. How long does it take to make?

4. Do You Accept Major Credit Cards?

5. Where are you based? Do you have a hat shop? Can i visit your studio to discuss a headpiece?

6. Do you offer sponsorship's/donate headwear/give bloggers free hats to review?

7. Do you rent your headwear out for events?

8. Do you want to do a stall at our fair?

9. Do you lend hair accessories out to stylists/photographers/models?


1. How to attach a fascinator:
My headwear will attach with a comb & adjustable hat elastic or a clip or a headband. You can further secure with bobby pins if necessary for our larger fascinators and headdresses.
Another great trick is to tie a small amount of hair back with an elastic so that the comb or clip has a solid base to grip into.
I find wearing hair clips so that the open side faces down is totally gravity defying so I often will attach clips in that way.
I did this little tutorial a while ago showing how to attach a half mask: Youtube

2. Care Advice re. Glitter/Looking after your hat:
*It is impossible to keep a small amount of glitter from coming off of your headpiece. That is just the way it is, most glitter lovers don't mind the odd stray twinkle but, I do hand glitter everything in several layers to ensure it never goes bald.
*I use premium glue, that is non-toxic and waterproof so glitter stays on the accessory.
*To remove any unwanted stray sparkles, you can use a soft paint brush to easily remove them or cello tape.
*If you aren't a fan of glittery bits, it may be best to avoid the items which have glitter on them.
*It is best to store all, especially glittered headwear out of direct prolonged sunlight as the sun bleaches the colour out of glitter as well as flowers.
*Storing the headpiece in a box to keep the dust off is a good idea but you can display in a cabinet as many of these headpieces are wearable art.
*Support the curve of your headpiece with tissue, this really applies to the hand blocked headpieces like the half mask fascinators. Over a period of time, without support, the shape may be distorted. If you support the curve you will have this headwear for life!

3. How long does it take to make?
This is a very vague question that depends on the hair accessory:
**If you are ordering from my site: you have the option to buy 3-7 days priority for 10% extra, this means I make the item up express in 3-7 days then mail it to you. If you want it faster or for a specific date it's best to email me.
**Or you can order via normal delivery 7-14 days, depending on my workload I may make it up faster. If you have a date in mind for when you need it please do message me as it's important to me that you get your headpiece in good time.
**If you are ordering a bespoke hat: You will be asked for the details of the hat and when you need it for. If it's impossible I will let you know immediately.

It's best to allow me as must time as possible, I have had commissions which were literally 2 days to make the item AND get it to the customer... not ideal however I had done it if the order was simple without many drying times and the customer was in the UK. I want to help as much as possible, the work I create must be of a high standard, no time gives me no time for adjustments.

4. Do You Accept Major Credit Cards?
I do accept all major credit and debit cards for your convenience! I also take Paypal and if you prefer to do a bank transfer this is not a problem. I can't take credit card payments over the phone only on items sold on my site. I require a 50% deposit on a bespoke commission before I will begin, the balance is owed before I send the headpiece out.

5. Where are you based? Do you have a shop? Can i visit your studio to discuss a headpiece?
I have a studio in Thornhill, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK. I don't have a shop, I don't really supply any shops, however, my hair accessories sell online to people all over the world. I don't do private consultations at my studio/home, I have a *BESPOKE ORDER FORM* which asks all the questions I need answering to create a bespoke headpiece. My hats fit all head sizes so I don't need to take measurements.

6. Do you offer sponsorship's/donate headwear/give bloggers free stuff to review?
Sorry, I don't offer sponsorships, I prefer to donate to my own choice of charities that I feel strongly about.
I am interested in collaborating with established bloggers.

7. Do you rent your headwear out for events?
At this time I don't rent my headwear out, I just don't have space for storing it. It's something I may consider in the future but for now, I only sell it.
I purposefully sell headwear in all price ranges, so that everyone can afford to buy my headwear even if they don't have a large budget.
After all, we all deserve pretty things and I appreciate your support!

8. Do you want to do a stall at our fair?
I don't do stalls, I simply don’t have the time, and so I only sell online...

9. Do you lend items out to stylists/photographers/models?
At this time, I am prepared to lend my headwear out to stylists and photographers for editorial images.
I am particular about who I collaborate with and I do have certain conditions due to the many issues I have had in the past.

THESE ARE THE ITEMS YOU CAN LEND: Available Today! and these on Temptress of Waikiki: Available Today!

**********These are my lending conditions************

*I expect to be credited wherever the images are published.
*I expect my headwear to be treated with respect and be returned undamaged.
*I expect my headwear to be returned promptly without me having to beg for it.
*If I see that you share images with no credits to those you work with I will not be interested in working with you as I can already see you don't credit.
*If you have a portfolio of high fashion images and the images will receive some sort of press I will be more interested in collaborating.
*I need to see a portfolio of previous work.

If ANY of this an issue with my conditions please don't ask to borrow my work, I have to be strict due to past experience.
These are my terms and conditions, you MUST adhere to my requests as stated very clearly here, as terms and conditions. If they are not adhered to I will not be willing to work with you again.
On a serious note, if my work is NOT returned, it is THEFT, I will involve the police and I will take you to court.

You are not charged for packaging as I use recycled packaging, thus saving you the extra expense, and helping Temptress of Waikiki to be as eco-friendly as possible.
All parcels are well packed and sent "Signed For" to avoid issues with lost parcels so, do make sure someone is able to sign for your parcel if you are in a hurry to receive your headpiece. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
Bink x