Payment Plans

Hello Millinery Lover! 

I am now offering an interest free personalised layaway payment plan!

I firmly believe we ALL DESERVE PRETTY THINGS, I also appreciate that pretty things that are handmade can be pricey, so this is a more gentle way to buy a hat without it hurting financially. No debt, or lump sum!

With a layaway plan you can save up for a hat or headpiece by setting up an easy automatic monthly direct debit. You pre-pay for your hat in advance over a period of time that YOU choose! Once you have paid off your layaway I will make/send your hat.
I have set up a separate bank account, for layaway payments only, that I will NOT touch until you have saved your whole budget so if you change your mind I will refund you as quickly as the bank allows**

(**MINUS £10 for the layaway setup as dealing with emails and setting up the layaway takes time. I won't charge the set up fee of £10 to those who complete their layaway plan.)

I am trying to help everyone in my own way, I REALLY don't want to hassle people for money so please don't fill in this form unless you are sure you can keep up your monthly direct debit. 

*The "Bespoke Commissioned Hat" Layaway Plan:
Once I confirm I can do the idea you have for a bespoke commissioned hat I will send you a very easy direct debit personal payment plan for you to fill in.

With this option, you can save as little as you like, for as long as you like! For example, you are welcome to save £2 a month or £20, whatever you feel you can manage comfortably. You can save for 6 months, or 2 years... it honestly doesn't matter to me. Please read this regarding commissioning a bespoke hat from me. It is important as it explains how I work, and will only take a couple of minutes.
*The "Available Today" Layaway Plan:
Due to the space I have in my studio, I can't do long-term layaway plans with currently available hats. However, I am prepared to allow layaway plans, for up to 4 months, on items in the "Available Today" category. Just send me a link to the hat you want and I will forward your personal layaway plan to you. You set it up, and I will remove it from sale on my website for you. Once you have paid the balance for your hat in full, I will post the hat to you. Please note: this option is not available on sale items.

*The "I Don't know what I Want Yet" Layaway Plan:
This is totally fine! If you know you have a day coming in a few months, or in a year's time when you will need a hat, you are most welcome to save up for it. As the time arrives, you can either commission a hat, or choose one from my site. When filling in the form, just let me know what you have in mind when you have saved your chosen budget.

To get started, please fill in this form. I will get back to you to say if I can fulfil your request and if you are happy to proceed, with a link to set up the direct debit, which will look something like this. 

If you have any questions please do ask! 
Thank you for your support. Bink x

Pearls & Swine Layaway Millinery Plan