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Bespoke Millinery Form

I am tentatively reopening my books to take bespoke millinery commissions up till the end of December 2023. 
If you want planning to go to a wedding or the races next year this is the perfect time to place your order! 
Bink x

Hello Millinery Lover!
Please fill in this bespoke millinery commission form carefully with as much information as possible to help me to clearly envision your headpiece.
Before you fill in the form:
  • I do NOT copy other milliners designs. If you want another milliner’s design please support them by buying from them. When you commission a bespoke Pearls & Swine headpiece you get a Pearls & Swine headpiece! Also please do NOT send me another milliners work to be "inspired" by either... this blocks me creatively. 

  • 50% deposit is required on a bespoke commission before I will begin, the balance is due before I send the headpiece out. The deposit is non-refundable if you change your mind, I stick to your brief and consult you as I work. Time and materials cost money. (I have never once been asked to refund anyone on a bespoke commission but one needs to cover one's back as I am sure you understand.) 

  • You can't return a custom piece unless it's faulty somehow (Never been an issue but once again, just in case...) Once the headpiece is completed I will show you several images of it, if you have any issues with the design it is your responsibility to let me know as I will not refund you once the hat is in your possession. Bespoke commissions are made to order and to your specifications so are, therefore, YOUR hat.

  • The budget dictates how much time/cost of materials I can work with. If you need ideas for my prices, please look my site to see what sort of prices my headwear sells for.
    The average budget for a bespoke commissioned HAT is £260.
    (If you want a simple flower hair clip or a tiny cheap fascinator or a flower crown: Etsy is great for things like that!)

  • Inquiries are no obligation. So don't feel any pressure, I won't hassle you if you change your mind. I am a stickler for fairness, I am also thankful for your support so I will treat you the way I want to be treated! My life mission is to make you happy through the medium of millinery!

  • I own the design I come up with, I interpret your words so you do not own the design. It's unlikely I will ever recreate the design exactly (as that is boring to me) but I may be inspired to do something similar. If this is an issue please talk to me about it in advance as I don't want to upset anyone.

  • Please basically know what you want before contacting me, writing endless emails is time consuming. Also you can't keep changing the brief once you have given it to me as this means i am wasting time and materials. If you aren't sure of what you want please take time to think about it before contacting me, feel free to take a look at my Site Shop and my Archive of past designs if you need to get some inspiration. 

  • I don't draw the design up before creating. You give me the brief which I meet and I create bespoke commissions WITH you. You can see what I am capable of as I have an extensive collection. If you don't trust me to deliver please do NOT fill in this form. When ordering a P&S bespoke creation you will receive a P&S bespoke creation, I don't enjoy being micro-managed. If you prefer to see the hat before you buy it, I recommend you browse my online collection and choose a hat from there. 
I reserve the right to say no to a commission if I don't feel it's something I will create with all my heart. I need to be inspired to create, sometimes people come to me with an idea I just can't feel excited about (which is as frustrating for me as the customer!). 
Also, if we struggle to communicate I will also reserve the right to not take any future bespoke commissions from you. I will bend over backwards to please you but it's important to me that we both enjoy the process of creating your bespoke hat.

Thanks for your time, it will help speed up the process of creating your order!
I will reply ASAP!
Bink x!



Bespoke Hat Enquiry Form

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