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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to attach a fascinator?

2. Care Advice re. Glitter/Looking after your hat.

3. How long does it take to make?

4. Do You Accept Major Credit Cards?

5. Where are you based? / Do you have a hat shop? / Can I visit your studio to discuss a headpiece?

6. Do you offer sponsorships / donate headwear / collab?

7. Do you rent your headwear out for events?

8. Do you want to do a stall at our fair?

9. Do you lend hair accessories out to stylists/photographers/models?


1. How to attach a fascinator:
My headwear will attach with a comb & adjustable hat elastic or a clip or a headband. You can further secure with bobby pins if necessary for our larger fascinators and headdresses.

Another great trick is to tie a small amount of hair back with an elastic so that the comb or clip has a solid base to grip into.

I find wearing hair clips so that the open side faces down is totally gravity-defying so I often will attach clips in that way. I did this little tutorial a while ago showing how to attach a half mask: Youtube

2. Care Advice re. Glitter/Looking after your hat:

  • It is impossible to keep a small amount of glitter from coming off of your headpiece. That is just the way it is, most glitter lovers don't mind the odd stray twinkle but, I do hand glitter everything in several layers to ensure it never goes bald.
  • I use premium glue, that is non-toxic and waterproof so glitter stays on the accessory.
  • To remove any unwanted stray sparkles, you can use a soft paint brush to easily remove them or cello tape. 
  • If you aren't a fan of glittery bits, it may be best to avoid the items which have glitter on them.
  • It is best to store all, especially glittered headwear out of direct prolonged sunlight as the sun bleaches the colour out of glitter as well as flowers. 
  • Storing the headpiece in a box to keep the dust off is a good idea but you can display in a cabinet as many of these headpieces are wearable art.
  • Support the curve of your headpiece with tissue, this really applies to the hand blocked headpieces like the half mask fascinators. Over a period of time, without support, the shape may be distorted. If you support the curve you will have this headwear for life!

3. How long does it take to make / receive?
It depends on the piece:

  • I send everything by DHL Express unless you are in the EU.
  • For Available Today items that are in stock expect your order to arrive within 7 days (unless otherwise stated). If you're in a special hurry contact me before ordering.


4. Do You Accept Major Credit Cards?

I accept Mastercard and Visa Credit and Debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and Shopify Pay on the website. I can arrange a bank transfer if this works for you.

5. Where are you based? Do you have a shop? 
I have a studio in Thornhill, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK. I don't have a shop, I don't really supply any shops.

6. Do you offer sponsorships/donate headwear/collab?
Sorry, I don't offer sponsorships, I prefer to donate to my own choice of charities that I feel strongly about. 

7. Do you rent your headwear out?
I don't do rentals right now. I don't have the capacity for it. I now offer layaway payment plans so everyone can afford my work! Contact me to chat about it.

8. Do you want to do a stall at our fair?
Thank you for considering me but I don't do stalls. 

9. Do you lend items out to stylists/photographers/models?
I am prepared to lend my headwear out to stylists and photographers for editorial images. I am particular about who I collaborate with and I  have certain conditions due to the many issues I have had in the past.

Conditions of borrowing

  • I expect to be credited wherever the images are published.
  • I expect my headwear to be treated with respect and be returned undamaged within an agreed time frame.
  • I need to see a portfolio of your previous work.

If any of this an issue with my conditions please don't ask to borrow my work, I have to be strict due to past experience.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
Bink x