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by Pearls & Swine

"Buzzz" Acrylic Bug Brooch

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This bug brooch is made from acrylic offcuts that i have salvaged from a local laser cutter, it's a fun, statement, one-of-kind piece of wearable art. 

Acrylic is very hard to recycle so offcuts often go to landfill which is why i wanted to make these, by buying this brooch not only are you buying a one-of-a kind cute brooch, you are helping the planet in a small way AND you are supporting a self employed creative... if that doesn't make you some kinda superhero i dunno what would!

There will be small imperfections in this little collection of brooches. Let's call them "character", this is upcycling... it's more than a brooch... it's time, imagination, love and the desire to do something kind for the planet even if only in my own very small way. 

Measurements: 9cm long x 8cm wide

Weight: 31g

How to look after your Art Jewellery:
1. Do not spray with perfume
2. Long term exposure to sunlight may bleach some of the colour out.