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by Pearls & Swine

"Effrayéi" Gold Filigree Nipple Pasties & Beading Body Jewellery

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Very detailed, one-of-a-kind gothic filigree and beading neckpiece/body jewellery. The beads are detachable.
This is a statement necklace, wearable art... 

The nipple pasties are included with this, these are reusable, attach with double sided body tape.

*The mannequin is around a UK size 8... but the chains can be rearranged to suit your body
*Also bear in mind these designs would be amazing to shoot but if you are moving around you may find the design moves too.
*You can wear this over underwear or close fitting clothing, you don't have to be naked to wear this! 😆

How to look after your Art Jewellery:
1. Do not spray with perfume, perfume will strip the colour off.
2. Long term exposure to sunlight may bleach some of the colour out.

Approx Measurements:
Filigree Neck Part: widest width cm x cm Long
Weight: g (including beading)
Nipple pasties: g each