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by Pearls & Swine

"Pixie" Big Eyed DollFace Ring

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Hand-painted big eyed doll face, mounted onto adjustable ring. Pixie has pink hair and a cheeky blue face. 

Each ring and doll has it's own unique style and nationality. This is a one of a kind kitsch ring, but similar can be made if you would like to commission one in another colour. This ring is a piece of wearable art and is very lightweight. The ring is a large size but the hand painted bead is very small. 

Measurement of pendant (cm): (L) 4.5 (W) 4 (D) 1.5

Weight: 4g

How to look after your Art Jewellery:
1. Do not spray with perfume
2. Long term exposure to sunlight may bleach some of the colour out.
3. Please don't get wet!

I am self taught in all creative pursuits, i have always loved dolls and pop surrealism or lowbrow art, it's a huge part of what inspires me as a milliner.  

I turned 42 in January 2017 and 3 days later i decided to stop wishing i could paint so i started to paint. I have always said creativity is a muscle, the more you exercise the stronger you get but i was always scared to paint. There is so many amazing artists out there... how can i ever compete?! >.<

So through 2017 I doodled a bit and it was fun... and i made mistakes and i pushed myself... and things got a bit better... and i had soo much fun! 
I have fallen madly in love with painting and dollies and i want to push myself more and i want to do bigger things and i want to learn more stuff and i want to make more mistakes and i am excited to see where this new creative journey takes me. 

I guess i have learnt that i don't need to be the greatest artist in the world, only the truest, best, happiest me i can be... that is enough! This isn't just a box, it's is a piece of my soul, it's my love and time. I hope it will bring whoever receives it as much joy as i got from making it. 

Bink x