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by Pearls & Swine

"Wabi-Sabi" Whimsical Pigeons in Love Poop Headband

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Gloriously cheeky matt satin headband decorated with 2 kissing pigeons and hand painted glittery poops with pearl beads & crystals in them.

Inspired by the idea of 2 pigeons in love... some call it a sign of good luck to be pooped on... ;) 


This hat is limited edition, chic and perfect for Valentines Day  (whether you love or hate it) or a wedding! As these are lovingly hand painted each one will be unique so may vary slightly. Can be worn on either side of the head.
If nothing else i hope this makes you laugh... 

21 Incredible Things You Never Knew About Pigeons is a fun, interesting read!

Measurements off the top of head: 10cm
Weight: approx 45g