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Prescription Lenses


It's important to know you can NOT put prescription lenses into my sunglasses frame once they are made... 
However prescription lenses can be put in BEFORE they are customised. 
All EXCEPT the heart shaped sunglasses frames

If you would like to price up lenses please visit:

1. You place the order for the lenses with them. BUT you need to ask me for my address so they ship me the box to send them your frames.
2. Order the sunglasses you want from the Pearls & Swine website, i need the order number you get from the reglazer. You need to tell me you have ordered the lenses! This is VERY IMPORTANT!
3. I send the frames to be reglazed, they send them back to me, i customise the glasses and ship to you. They work very fast!

It's VERY IMPORTANT that you put your prescription in correctly, if you make a mistake they can be changed but it will be at your expense which i really don't want to happen ☹️ 

If you have any questions please contact me via my contact page.